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This room is still under reconstruction, please check back later.

Type: Court Yard Suite

Type: Court Yard Suite


Zaru (Ross in English)

Zaru, or Rozario,  is Carmen’s father.  At the age of 78, working from his little garage at home, he has undertaken all the woodwork and made all the custom furniture.  Without his talent and unwavering support, life would have been so much harder.


Katrin (Catherine in English)

Katarine, Carmen’s mother, had the essential job of keeping the family fed, watered and clothed.  Life was so hectic for Chris and Carmen as work progressed on Julina that without Katarine taking responsibility for cooking for the family, and even doing the laundry, the project would not have been completed as quickly and efficiently.

Type: Court Yard Suite

Type: Court Yard Balcony Suite


Cikku (Francis in English)

Pronounced “chickoo”, this suite is named for Chris’ father, also known as Franco.  Franco has been a constant presence throughout the whole restoration and renovation project and has turned his hand to anything that had to be done.  He was also the past master of errands and odd jobs!



Heidi is a treasured and honorary member of our family.  She has been a friend of Chris’ family for many years, and has known him since he was a boy.  Despite living abroad, she has been inspirational and has been with us every step of the way, offering support and encouragement when we needed it most.

Type: Junior Deluxe Suite

Type: King Deluxe Balcony Suite



Roza was the previous owner of our lovely building.  She lived in the house with her eight children and also ran a butcher’s shop from what is now our dining room.  So you can imagine it was a very full and busy household. Sadly, she died some time ago, but she was very well known in our community in Mosta, and people still stop by to share their own stories of Roza.  She is such an important part of the history of our building that we wanted to name this suite after her.


Guzeppa, known as Zeppa

Life without Zeppa, or Josephine in English, would have been very different.  She kept the family together by looking after our daughter, Julia, and taking care of all those jobs that make a household run more smoothly.

Type: Court Yard Suite

Type: Court Yard Balcony Suite


Geremija (or Jeremy in English)

Jeremy is the most amazing Bank Manager, and we were so lucky to meet him.  Where others had dismissed our dream out of hand, he saw the potential in the project – and in us.  He understood what we planned to achieve and had confidence in our enthusiasm and determination. Without him, Julina would still be a dream!


Maria (Patron Saint of Mosta)

This suite is currently ongoing refurbishment, please check back soon.